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Enjoy it while you can, because the heat and humidity will return soon—and early indications are it will be returning with a vengeance.

On Conan last night, C.K. intelligently and empathetically discusses why he doesn't want his kids to have smartphones. But his explanation was much more than that.

Once in the while, the sun feels the need to knock us out of our seats with some beautiful display of solar flatulence.

Last night, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield dropped the gem you can see above.

When we think of the ocean we think of lots of things—salt, whales, James Cameron, to name a few—but now thanks to NASA we're going to have to add Vincent Van Gogh to that list.

StoryCorps has produced lovely, heartbreaking animated shorts featuring the remembrances from 9/11 victims' loved ones.

Is this the most beautiful footage of Hurricane Irene you've ever seen?

While today's sky has been blue with fluffy (cumulus?) clouds, we're still