The bears, Amber, Luna, and Treena, come from the Bronx Zoo.
Meet Sonya, a 13-year-old brown bear who loves peaches and playtime.
"You need a machine to break steel like that," one of the homeowners said. (The bear did not.)
Fortunately, the bear seemed no worse for wear despite wearing a bucket on its head for almost a month at least.
Come on, Boo Boo!
This New Jersey black bear isn't that much different from you: If it's hot, it jumps in a pool.
Pedals the bipedal bear needs help.
A backyard hammock, the perfect place to take a load off after a busy day down at the honey mines.
Sadly, the human children did not enjoy sharing their toys with the bears.
This is a nice reminder that life is brutal when there isn't enough garbage to go around.
Betty and Veronica looked pretty happy in their new Manhattan home!
These bears are finding that a cozy cul-de-sac can make for close quarters with their honey-craving neighbors.
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