Beards will be acceptable up to half an inch, compared to the one-millimeter rule currently on the books.
The department has also agreed to an internal review of its no-beard policy.
He says he was suspend for refusing to shave.
“Good morning, terrorist. How are you terrorist?”
A unique solution allowed this Brooklyn dad to keep both his firstborn child AND his epic beard.
The event drew a full house of competitors, supportive spectators and plenty of groupies and fetishists.
The Hasidic police cadet who claimed he was fired by the NYPD because he refused to shave off his beard has filed a lawsuit against the city accusing the NYPD of religious discrimination.
The former police cadet says he refused to shave his beard because it went against his religion. His lawyer says the NYPD knew that when Litzman first took the police exam and applied.
We can't wait to see how the young lady's beard looks at the end of her run!
Benicio Del Toro (Right) in "Snatch" Cops have arrested the two
The scene during the riot that sparked the lawsuit. It's been
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