Beached whale

A police spokesperson said that "no criminality was suspected on the part of the whale."
The bite marks were bigger than a Chihuahua.
It seems like the whale is a fin whale, which is the second-largest species of whale.
After the necropsy, the whale was buried in the dunes on the beach where it washed ashore yesterday.
There were some concerns about how to dispose of the enormous body, but it's now been decided that the whale will be buried on the beach where it washed ashore.
"As of right now, the animal was lost last night," DiGiovanni said. "It looks like it moved a little off the shore, relocated and it does appear to be dead."
A 30-foot beached whaled was spotted in Breezy Point this morning, and according to the Coast Guard, it's still alive. [Update Below]
A finback whale measuring 46 feet long and weighing between 20 and 30 tons was found washed up on Atlantic Beach on Long Island this morning.
A reader sent us this photo of the baby humpback whale
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