Beach season

You may not be able to take immediate advantage of Hot Vax Summer, but you will soon.
“It's very difficult to keep people off the sand and out of the water, and the mayor's people know that, and the parks department knows that,” said councilman Eric Ulrich.
The aquatic wonder named "Miss May" was said to be swimming on Wednesday morning roughly 15 miles off the the coast between Ocean City and Sea Isle.
Look at this lovely rainbow cloud.
'I got stung on my buttocks and knew right away. That evening I was in excruciating pain from head to toe, like I was being stabbed with a thousand ice picks.'
Today brings the possibility of gusty, hail-ridden thunderstorms, while the weekend portends an excellent beach day.
Here's everything you need to know about the beaches in and around NYC.
Rockaway will fully reopen for swimming on May 25th.
The company's CEO won't rule out the possibility of crashing the city's beaches this summer, as he has done in Miami.
The arrival of Labor Day has long meant the End of Beach Season, not because there is any appreciable difference in the actual temperature.
The Parks Department is poised to reopen New York City's beaches for the season this Saturday. Here are our favorite beaches, and how to get there.
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