'The facts are a decision was made very arbitrarily. We had an agreement. The agreement was moving forward and suddenly it wasn't. That's all I'm saying.'
Mayor de Blaze-io wants you to know he used to smoke.
He said snow was expected to keep falling into this evening and overnight, and the latest projections are for parts of the city to receive 10-14 inches by Friday.
"Score one for the older generation! Victory for the parents!" de Blasio taunted Dante. "You got nothing! You got height and you got hair, but you got nothing else!"
Will Staten Island Chuck like Mayor Bill de Blasio? Find out Sunday Sunday Sunday!
"The people on the Upper East Side, quite frankly, they're complainers," said councilman David Greenfield on his radio show.
"I don't want anyone to underestimate how bitterly cold it this evening, temperatures will be down to 0 degrees, and with wind chill it will be worse, it will be in the negatives."
"It would have been nice to have a calm first day, but we have snow on our mind, and we are focused like a laser on protecting this city and getting everyone ready."
Will Bill Clinton bust out Igor Butman's sax and seal the deal with a little "Careless Whisper?" We can only hope.
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