Farewell Crawleys and your crew of far-more-interesting servants.
"I love New York? I hate New York, is more like it!"
The doc features Warhol, Nico, and Burroughs, amongst others.
One super fan even skipped work in the morning so she could visit the truck.
Tea and biscuits just like the Crawley's would have.
Will the Doctor have a potty mouth?
The segment is soundtracked by a looped clip of "You Only Live Once" by The Strokes, because nothing is more NYC than The Strokes circa 2006.
NYC! Talking space snow! Gorgeous orchestrations! Sonic screwdrivers! Even if you don't know a Dalek from a Tom Baker you'll be charmed by "How The Doctor Saved Christmas"
Oh, PBS, why can't you just air season three already?
Eschewing all subtly or regard for the sanctity of "mocking and harassing the ignorant, the stubborn, and the curmudgeonly," BBC instead slapped together the above deadpan news bulletin. [Update: Nope!]
Edina Monsoon is back and ready for action in this teaser for the upcoming Christmas special of the newly resurrected show.
dannydailypic's flickr By now, we think we're all quite comfortable admitting
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