In a series of messages posted on Instagram in November, Miner appeared to be considering a mass shooting.
Nabeela Aziz was about to cross a Bayside intersection with her family when an SUV barreled around the corner and knocked her off her feet.
At a Bayside bakery, Senator Avella spoke to Gothamist about his reasons for joining the IDC, his legislation to protect pet pigs, and the "national hype" that is attempting to destroy him.
Let's be thankful for all of NYC's ice shops this summer.
The girls reportedly told their parents they were going to take a dog on a walk.
The happened a week ago.
"This statistic is moving in the wrong direction."
The Airbnb listing asked $2,500 per week.
Do you have family in Queens? That's too bad. They're gone now.
The Post claims that police have found 'inconsistencies' in 29-year-old Lora Panossian's story.
Ginger is described as a blonde cocker spaniel weighing about 25 pounds and donning a yellow and green Star Wars collar with Yoda on it.
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