Bay ridge

Frontline workers told Gothamist about their fatigue, their fears and their hopes for the future after nearly two years testing New Yorkers for COVID-19.
The line would connect to 17 subway stations and the Long Island Rail Road.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city, Carlos Scissura, head of the New York Building Congress, said.
Governor Kathy Hochul increased the fine from $150.
A new wave of local pro-Palestinian activism highlights the change in narrative, post-George Floyd.
The crash, which took the life of 72-year-old Bay Ridge resident Carol Langdon, occurred on a stretch of 4th Avenue that advocates and officials has long warned poses an outsized danger to pedestrians.
"Take them off the boat, we got to go home!"
“We believe strongly this is a case that must seriously be looked at by the District Attorney’s office with regards to criminality involving the actions of the police officers."
Despite numerous assaults committed by the pro-cop group in clear view of police, just two people were arrested — both of them Black men protesting police brutality.
One person was hospitalized after being attacked at a pro-NYPD rally in Brooklyn.
"There are spots along this path that lead you straight into the side of parked car. It’s bizarre."
Frank Decolvenaere was crossing Fourth Avenue in the crosswalk with his dog when he was struck by a 19-year-old driver making a right turn.
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