Battle of brooklyn

The historic cemetery once again hosted a reenactment of the Revolutionary War's largest battle... and once again, the colonists lost.
It's been 240 years since Washington and his rebel army were routed by the redcoats, almost losing the Revolutionary War.
As in years past, the actual battle reenactment yesterday was pretty loose: Muskets misfired, strategy and tactics are tough to convey, one British general fell off his horse.
General Percy’s beautifully illustrated battle map, dated 1776.
What's better than Revolutionary War re-enactors in modern day Brooklyn?
Here are some things to do this weekend, starting with the Afropunk Festival.
Guess what Revolutionary War general Marty was portraying!
It was strange, it was messy, and it was the first battle
Re-enactors firing their weapons during a simulation of the Battle of
Defend Brooklyn! When you think of archaeological excavations you may not
It may be The Battle of Long Island to England and
The Battle of Brooklyn (also known as the Battle of Long Island)
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