On Batman Day, the Bat-Signal was seen shining on the old Domino Sugar Refinery building.
Batman allegedly tried to make off with $50.
He's sued for wrongful arrest twice in the past, and now he plans to SUE AGAIN.
It is a, uh, very on the nose look, to put it mildly. Or perhaps, very on the forehead.
The Batmobile easter egg is part of an ongoing "social media war" between two multimillionaire directors of billion dollar-movie franchises.
So much for Utopia: a costumed Batman and Spider-Man were arrested last night for allegedly attacking a heckler in Times Square.
We can confirm that Batman knows a gangster when he sees one, and there were no gangsters in Times Square last night.
Meet BatDad, a Christian Bale-era Batman living in the suburbs and creating amazing Vines with his kids.
Patton Oswalt called for a moratorium on the Ben Affleck-cast-as-Batman hysteria today.
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