During flight 411 from New York to Los Angeles, the unidentified man became incensed that he could not use the empty first-class bathroom when there was a long line for the coach restrooms.
Among its findings, the Comptroller's report found 53 restrooms that may be actively dangerous.
Congrats to the dads!
Amtrak officials say they will 'refresh' the bathrooms in at least their portion of the station.
Previously, drivers had been forced to pee out in the open.
The famed "fresh flowers" will remain, as will the attendants who work so hard to keep the bathroom pristine.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions really wants to roll back telling public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.
This includes bathrooms at "agency offices, public parks, pools, playgrounds, certain museums and recreation centers."
The Toto has transformed once-casual toilet users into hi-tech "washlet" connoisseurs.
A new website lets you find a place to pee when you've got to go so bad you're willing to pay for it.
Stick your face deep into the layers of graffiti you see in your favorite bar bathrooms.
Check out some of Reddit's favorite "secret" bathroom spots around Manhattan, plus a few of our favorites mixed in.
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