Watch as a woman tries to figure out why she keeps feeling cold air blowing on her in her bathroom.
A new bill considered by the City Council today currently has 27 sponsors.
Standing in a crowd for 15+ hours without using bathroom proves just how incredible the Times Square NYE experience really is.
The Giants have made an art of losing in heartbreaking, last second fashion this season, and they were right back at it this afternoon.
The suspect "barged into the bathroom, punched him roommate, and then flung him into a glass mirror that shattered and cut the roommate's neck."
This happened around 1 p.m.
"Apparently they made no attempt to... get a hold of their patient that checked into the ER or get a hold of their worker that left work early."
The victim was reportedly involved with the suspect's mother.
You might as well make that rent money while...making something else.
Evacuate underground with dignity.
Check out some of Reddit's favorite "secret" bathroom spots around Manhattan, plus a few of our favorites mixed in.
Step inside this Bushwick deli bathroom... if you DARE.
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