Bath beach

The company whose driver struck the child has been involved in a number of fatal crashes in recent year.
'It's an urgent epidemic. It demands immediate action and we must pass this bill now.'
According to Councilman Mark Treyger, the city has 'known for years that drivers regularly disregard this stop sign.'
A press release from the police department says the incident occurred Monday evening in Bath Beach.
He may have been killed during a home invasion.
Prosecutors say she attempted to rip off their hijabs and told them, "Get the f*ck out of America, b****es."
(There's actually no law that says that.)
The two fatal crashes happened roughly a half a mile away from each other in Bath Beach.
A Brooklyn Foot Locker employee has been busted for filming a former coworker in the shoe store's restroom.
Teenagers: When they're not lobbing bricks at cyclists or jumping onto subway tracks to play chicken with oncoming trains, they're firing freaking darts at pedestrians with blowguns.
One of the zaniest police blotter items of the summer comes to us courtesy the NY Post, which reports on a roommate fracas fueled by "festering feline feces."
A 56-year-old post worker was found stabbed to death in the
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