Bastille day

Time to drink all the wine and pretend we're French for the day.
July Fourth is past, but for Francophiles the celebration of liberty is just getting going with Bastille Day returning tomorrow (and being celebrated all weekend across town). So where to go? Start here.
C'est Bastille Day aujourd hui! Frogs and Francophiles were out in force
Tomorrow is the actual Bastille Day, but a number of establishments are
How do you get rid of an unwanted fire truck? Simple, put
It's July 14, which means it's time to appreciate the je ne
Just in time for Bastille Day, we're happy/heureux to announce that Parisist
This Bastille Day we suggest you check out the Loser's Lounge
C'est Bastille Day! We may not be in France, but it doesn't
Today is Bastille Day, but, considering the differing opinions of the US
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