Baseball bat

He also allegedly told the priest to "go back to the projects."
He says his assailant was wearing an MTA uniform.
The victim weighed just 58 pounds when police found her in May; she was lying in a pool of blood from a gash caused when her stepmother slashed her with a broken metal broom handle.
A Connecticut man has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife with a baseball bat after she told him she was leaving him.
A woman was beaten with a baseball bat and robbed in Brooklyn near Barclays Center last weekend.
Wyckoff police say that Margaux Tocci invited her ex-boyfriend to go for a ride in her new car—only for him to get beaten by two men with a baseball bat and pipe.
Joseph Pasquale A Department of Sanitation worker faces a number of
glark's flickr It's dangerous enough for deliverymen today with all those
Photograph of Diego Sucuzhanay (pictured, foreground, right), whose brother was fatally
Brooklyn real estate agency owner Jose Sucuzhany, who was brutally beaten last
A Red Hook man is hospitalized with serious stab wounds after his
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