Baruch college

Chen 'Michael' Deng died while enduring the 'Glass Ceiling' ritual.
The Baruch College freshman who died from a head injury sustained during a hazing ritual was not brought to the hospital for at least two hours after he was rendered unconscious last weekend.
Authorities found a copy of 'Chapter 29 from moral problems torture.'
Investigators determined that in the early morning hours, Deng, who was pledging the fraternity, was injured during "a ritual" in the yard.
Compared to last week's violent clash between police and student protesters, yesterday's demonstrations were peaceful.
Several hundred protesters are currently marching near Baruch College at 24th Street at Lexington Avenue to protest tuition hikes and demand "democratic accountability."
CUNY's Board readies its tuition hike vote as student vow to protest.
Baruch president Mitchel Wallerstein said, "These actions are being taken to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff."
A protest over CUNY tuitions hikes devolved into a violent clash between students and campus police.
NBA superstar Kevin Durant has been putting on some ridiculous performances around the city the past few days, playing in various streetball and summer leagues. Check out some highlights below:
Michael Stipe of R.E.M. in the hat (via Jukeboxgraduate) Last night
Through some strange stroke of Manhattan Supreme Court scheduling, Ja Rule,
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