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Orders for quarter-inch and one-eight inch corded and braided elastic were coming in from places as far away as Indiana, Kentucky, and even California.

Daiki apparently broke free from her leash and dashed out onto the busy six lane FDR Drive.

Original star Sigourney Weaver hung out with the teens backstage: 'I am representing all of the 'Alien' fans, all over the universe who think what you're doing is so cool.'

'This is a really good opportunity to raise some awareness about accessibility, to really bring it to life for people day-to-day,' Harry's mother said.

We spoke with Mandarin Patinkin, Central Park's most famous duck, about his recent disappearance.

Let's be thankful for all of NYC's ice shops this summer.

Maybe we should take a note from her and all be so calm during our commutes.