One patron said it is “one of the last places in the city where I could reliably take an out-of-town friend and con them into thinking I had the keys to a secret more fabulous New York.” A rent-hike may force a cluster of bars and restaurants out of the neighborhood.
Putting COVID tests on the menu is one of the latest ways bars and restaurants are trying woo customers back.
The governor said making to-go cocktails legal would help boost the fortunes of struggling bars and restaurants.
The new neighborhood restaurant and happening cocktail spot is from the Garret Bars team.
After suffering staggering losses during the pandemic, some restaurant and bar owners say they see a road to recovery.
Nearly $29 billion will be available for bars and restaurants nationwide under the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
The deputy was taken to a Staten Island hospital and suffered multiple bone fractures.
This decision is not statewide, but could prove to be influential for other NY bars, restaurants and venues looking to bring back live entertainment.
"Despite the fact that coronavirus is not transmitted via sound waves, the SLA just decimated [the venues’] already struggling businesses," the lawsuit states.
The State Liquor Authority has updated their website to clarify new guidelines that specify that restaurants and bars are prohibited from offering live music, ticketed events, and other forms of outdoor entertainment.
Chumley's will reportedly become the latest NYC institution to shutter during the pandemic.
"It is not the time to move ahead with indoor dining," de Blasio announced on Wednesday.
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