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New Jersey voters can cast their ballots early and in-person through October 31st.

Kehinde Wiley's portrait of Barack Obama and Amy Sherald's portrait of Michelle Obama will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum through October 24th.

If the gossip is true, they'll basically be neighbors with Mayor de Blasio.

The explosive claims contained no evidence and also don't jibe with how wiretapping in handled by American intelligence, according to one former intelligence official.

Obama was spotted in Flatiron early this afternoon AND OH GOD COME BAAAACK.

Richard Branson offered some surf-therapy to help Obama ease into his life as a private citizen once more.

Defying expectations, Russian President Vladimir Putin declined to immediately retaliate against America in response to sanctions levied by the Obama administration.

Increasing pressure on Russia, the Obama administration instituted sanctions on Russian intelligence services for their alleged involvement in hacking the DNC.