Despite an attempt to curb executive pay at companies that got bailed out as part of TARP, plenty of executives still made bank.
Daley, a banker, was unpopular with a good portion of the White House staff, will return to Chicago, where he'll co-chair Obama's reelection committee in the region.
Never ones to take fairness lying down, a group of executives at the brokerage firm Jefferies Group are threatening to sue or quit or both if their pay isn't up to par.
All animals will be treated, regardless of whether they belong to a protester or not. "We believe it's counterproductive to pass judgment on homeless people or traveling people who keep pets," Baker says.
The crowds of demonstrators and tourists flocking to Zuccotti Park have certainly irritated some local residents and merchants—but what about the businessmen who work in the financial district?
If you bank with Bank of America, the privilege of using your debit card will cost you $5 a month starting next year.
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