There's a $70 million stalking horse offer for five stores from Village Super Market.
Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit affordable housing developer, has over the years built hundreds of low- and moderate-income housing units in Brooklyn.
The 22-year-old chainlet owes $5 million in debt and recently closed six stores.
"The state is not going to provide any more money. It's over."
Happy 40th Birthday, Curtis!
The restaurant earns a monthly revenue of about $244K, though that's not enough to stay open if you're keeping cash from Uncle Sam.
Of all things, a dispute over jukebox revenue has threatened the one-time music venue.
A rent-stabilized apartment—like Social Security and Medicare—is considered public assistance, and can therefore not be liquidated in bankruptcy proceedings.
An armored car service managed to lose more than $20,000 of the resort's money after the driver left it on the vehicle's roof.
Stevens is still MIA.
Power could be cut to the Morgan Avenue space by tonight, leaving thousands of members—literally and figuratively—in the dark.
You can stop hoarding your snacks now.
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