The discount department store has 13 stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.
The market "Like No Other Market" has crashed, and the Upper West Side (among other places) might never be the same.
Stevens agreed to pay $1 million to couples who have filed complaints with the attorney general. The only itsy bitsy problem? Stevens has no money. And if he does, it'll go toward his unpaid taxes.
Stevens pled guilty to grand larceny 2 and four counts of criminal tax fraud in the second degree today; he is facing 3 1/3 to 10 years imprisonment as a result.
Nancy Nienberg and Jennifer Liseo filed a lawsuit accusing Stevens of fraud, the first such lawsuit by one of the hundreds of couples who had their wedding deposits taken by Stevens.
"Here we are thinking you’re a nice guy and you were just pulling a wedding Ponzi scheme."
Stevens was charged with one count of felony grand larceny and multiple felony tax charges at Brooklyn Criminal Court this morning.
"He took our money, and we had to reconsider our honeymoon plans, but he didn't take away the wonderful memories of our wedding day, and the amazing support we received from our friends and families."
Gothamist has spoken to several former reBar employees who all claim that bad financial decisions led to owner Jason Stevens allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients and taking off into the night.
Former reBar employees and many local businesses have stepped up to try to help couples salvage their weddings.
Managers were sent a brief email from owner Jason Stevens early Friday: "Rebar is bankrupt and closed. Please dispose of your keys and do not enter the premises. Please forward to any staff not included."
We knew it was coming, but it's still a little bid sad. What went wrong?
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