Bank robbery

After failing to rob one bank in Forest Hills, what appears to be the same man robbed a bank around the corner just 10 minutes later.
The same suspect may have tried to rob a pharmacy in East Harlem.
Each of the four robberies took place on Monday afternoons, between 2 and 3:30, within 20 blocks of the U.N.
"He looked at us, we looked at him, we knew it was him, and after a short foot pursuit we put him under arrest."
A consistently unlucky bank robber failed to rob five Manhattan banks yesterday.
Officers caught up to him on a crosstown bus, disguise still on.
He always wears sunglasses and sometimes wears a hat or some sort.
Investigators found surveillance footage of them preparing—like buying plywood from Home Depot.
A thief suspected of robbing seven Manhattan banks has been observed wearing a variety of headgear.
The bank says the contents of the boxes are insured.
The thieves built a box/lean-to on the roof so they could cut the hole in privacy.
Thanks to his bike, he was able to conduct the robberies in 90 minutes.
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