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Last night the Tribeca Film Fest kicked off with a film by Tom Berninger, and a concert by his brother Matt's band: The National.

Mick Jagger to Jann Wenner: "In return for my consent to allow you to register the name 'Rolling Stone' what do you offer as far as cover stories?"

As Morrissey once said, "I would rather eat my own testicles than re-form The Smiths, and that's saying something for a vegetarian."

"When we get together/it's always hot magic"—indie rock-turned-confetti funk band of Montreal delivered on that promise from their song "Wicked Wisdom" over two sweaty nights at Webster Hall this weekend.

Revisit the early aughts (and also our 1994 high school journal) with us as we take a listen back to the now-disbanded NYC group The Fever.

There are some New York City bands that aren't around anymore, and we miss them. We'll revisit each one in this series, starting with Apes & Androids.

The band, who is playing in Central Park tonight and tomorrow, made their way to the David Letterman Show last night, and performed a 60+ minute show for web broadcast. Watch below!

The Foo Fighters 52-page rider has leaked... and it's in coloring book format!

Aaron Conte, Steve O'Donnell, Justin Kirk, Jay Wilkins, and token rock