What you need to know about New York’s statewide ban on polystyrene foam and packing peanuts, which takes effect Jan. 1.
A federal ban on tobacco could avert 633,000 deaths, a third among African Americans. Critics say it could increase policing in communities of color.
The legislation is thought to be the first of its kind nationwide.
New York City's foam party is over.
Show time's over, hoverboarders.
Councilmember Richards is banking on a smoking ban in all 200,000 of de Blasio's promised affordable housing units.
The people behind the sloppy Santa crawl through the city have promised to avoid Hell's Kitchen... but what about the rest of us?
Finally, a potential ban in the city we can get behind.
Residents of two scenic, affluent Brooklyn neighborhoods are no longer suffering from celebrity sightings, after the Mayor's Office temporarily pulled the plug on Hollywood productions.
The NY Post lit the fires of revolution today with a story about how the city has been secretly mulling a proposal to ban happy hours. But the DOH has vehemently denied it to us.
After a week of tabloid terrorizing, Governor Cuomo has pushed the State Health Department to ban synthetic marijuana sales. Starting, oh, about now.
The Dutch government is sick and tired of all you backpacker types coming to town and smoking all their pot.
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