"It's one of those situations where I am living a dream," he said. "I'm also just excited for the somewhat communal nature of live music and what live music can do for an audience who comes together to witness it."
The duo of Justin Vivian Bond and Kenny Mellman will perform kitsch-kissed seasonal songs at "Kiki & Herb SLEIGH at BAM."
The production, coming in September, features opera singers and beachgoers lounging in the sand while the audience watches from above.
Being led through the mostly empty industrial landscape made it all feel like some top secret experimental program.
Think of it like Marina Abramović's The Artist Is Present—but instead of being engaged in an intense, tear-inducing staring contest, you get to hear a lovely musical piece.
The shows are a rare chance to see Madonna in a super intimate venue.
Rodos has been quietly open in the lobby of Hotel Henri in Chelsea since January 8th. Its menu: Greek/Cajun fusion fare.
'It just looks like brand advertising. There's an Apple store right across the street!'
The night before aspects of the ban go back into effect.
Unlike many productions at the time, it was partially filmed in NYC.
BAM is celebrating one of the greatest photographers and filmmakers in history.
It's got NYC, a Trump character, and it's screening in Brooklyn this weekend.
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