In Baltimore, the annual murder rate is under 40 per 100,000 residents; in Ocean Hill, there were under 30 murders per 100,000 residents.
"You have this great idea? No, you can't do it. You want to try this out? No."
It may seem hard to flee the city if you don't have a car, but thankfully there are plenty of worthy cities, towns, and villages accessible by train.
Baltimore has a population of only 620,000 people.
'You know your city's f*cked up when its last, most successful employment program was casting extras for a television show about how f*cked up your city is.'
Don't spent your Saturdays and Sundays with your head in the refrigerator. Here are the best weekend escapes from the city.
Authorities believe one of the deceased is the suspected gunman.
"Felching is real! Felching is—I'm not gonna tell you. You're not gonna print what it really means. Should I tell you?"
A Yankees fan from Hagerstown, Maryland was assaulted at an Orioles-Nationals game last week in Baltimore, simply for wearing his Yankees hat.
This week, the Jets play the Ravens, who declined to make Rex Ryan their head coach three years ago and shut down the Jets in an opener last year.
Fulton Mall shelves may be bare this summer since in Baltimore
Yesterday, the police arrested a Brooklyn man who posed as a livery
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