It's all over now, Ballyhoo
More than a week after the ban on digital billboards was signed, Ballyhoo does not appear to have faced a single citation.
'Our legal team believes these changes to the navigation law do not prohibit us from operating,' the TV Boats' owner insists.
If passed, the law would effectively outlaw the 1,200-square-foot electronic billboard, which currently makes daily voyages around Manhattan.
The company's CEO won't rule out the possibility of crashing the city's beaches this summer, as he has done in Miami.
On Wednesday, the Mayor's Office announced that they'd filed a lawsuit against Ballyhoo Media, the company behind the sixty-foot ad-barges.
The ad-boat is still making frequent voyages around Manhattan, and it's unclear whether any official enforcement action has been taken.
A controversial billboard boat that recently appeared in the city's river is entering choppy legal waters.
For the last few months, New Yorkers have reported a big LED billboard floating through Manhattan's near-shore waters.
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