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The measures include changes to the redistricting process and the New York City Civil Court System.

Yes, New Yorkers will be able to vote for Paperboy Prince. And he's higher up on the ballot than Andrew Yang.

Ballot petitioning is the first step for any candidate to secure a spot on the June primary ballot. Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, the lead plaintiff in the case, said they planned to appeal.

A coalition of Democratic candidates seeking to run in the upcoming June primary are urging Gov Cuomo and lawmakers to suspend the requirement that they must collect signatures in order to appear on the ballot.

New Jersey is the only state in the country that allows each county to design its ballot to give preference to candidates with a party endorsement.

Experts believe the Garden State's ballot designs are the most convoluted in the country.

We know you love doing your civic duty, so please be advised that there is YET MORE OF IT SCREAMING TO BE DONE on the back of your ballot.

Despite Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's best efforts to hip voters

One of the complaints that Twittering NYC voters have had with