Also, the executors of his will are having a hard time keeping all these claims straight.
These professional ballet dancers dressed up as breakdancers and fooled everyone in Washington Square Park.
Have you watched Bunheads yet? The already hit show is likely to cause a ballet frenzy, so here's where you can go to get on a barre in NYC.
Here are five great things to do if you're not joining the meathead zombies in front of the idiot box this Sunday.
New York is teeming with great dance, so open wide for some culture. Here’s the breakdown and a few highlights.
We're used to hearing about thieves targeting iPhones or bikes...but tutus and teddy bears?
At the end of a November NY Times review, critic Alastair
Egad, the infernal bloodsucking parasites have expanded their onslaught to include
Recently a girl—who at one point in this video says she's
Last night 241 ballerinas of all ages showed up to break the
Yesterday Michelle Obama was in town for a second time since becoming
Pictured: Ballet rehearsals, New York City, ca. 1916. From the Library
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