'We won’t wait to do the right thing.'
On Monday, Council member Mark Levine, who has been leading the effort to draft legislation for a bailout, said the Congresswoman’s attention to the issue gives the plan “enormous momentum.”
Don't stop cursing AIG for unrelated problems in your life just yet!
The revelations come after Bloomberg LP won a lawsuit against the Fed and a group of the largest banks in the United States for access to records of more than 21,000 transactions.
The march coincided with Bank Transfer Day and Guy Fawkes Day, but the settlement to resolve claims against banks for dubious practices in the collateralized debt obligation game was what drew the demonstrators' ire today.
Teachers, transit workers, and activists vs. Wall Street.
The government has laid out some conditions now that they've agreed
Gov. Paterson is planning to offer legislation today to bail out
WallyG's Flickr Now that the NYC recession is almost over (your
The NY Times has a feature on Bloomberg News's attempt to
WallyG's Flickr Taxpayers still own 7.7 billion Citigroup shares since the
'Tis the season for somewhat infuriating news: The Washington Post reports,
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