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The list of places taking part in Brooklyn's BagelFest is an impressive spread of some of the city's best bagel joints.

It's National Bagel Day, and New Jersey thinks they have better bagels than us.

Apple made a new bagel emoji after f*cking it up the first time.

'It's a great Rosh Hashanah treat if you're craving both Cinnabon and Long John Silver's, but you only have time for one stop.'

According to the Nixon campaign, she's raised around $2,000 overnight with an opportunity to nosh on a bagel with the candidate.

On Sunday, Cynthia Nixon became the latest aspiring office-holder to briefly lose her mind while attempting to eat on the campaign trail.

But it's only available through the end of May.

On a related note: we've been living in Cronut World for nearly five years.

New Yorkers don't need a truffle and gold-topped bagel to be charitable, but here it is nevertheless.