Bad old days

With the federal government MIA, 22,000 jobs are at stake.
"It would mean virtually all book stores in NYC that have some level of adult material and viewing booths would have to close," a lawyer for the shops said.
This photographer captured the grit of the 1980s perfectly.
Overall crime dropped by two percent from last year.
Cocktails, beer-and-shots and homemade Chex Mix.
He's hosting an event to adjudicate low-level offenses this Saturday in East New York.
You had a good run, Ridgewood.
"Sorry, Broken Windows is here to stay."
'Is this Christmas 2014 — or 1974?'
Murder is down by 6.8% since last year, and 83% since 1993; rape has decreased 2.9%, and 58% over the last 21 years; robberies have declined 14.4% and 80%, the lowest amount ever recorded.
"New York kind of pulled me here like a magnet" Swift says, before a man on a bullhorn commands, "Love it or leave it you fuckin' communist piece of shit!"
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