Bad landlords

'It’s like you were given this thing that’s so great, you should just accept whatever’s coming to you.'
Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit affordable housing developer, has over the years built hundreds of low- and moderate-income housing units in Brooklyn.
'We were barely getting any heat and I think it’s because we were being punished because the landlord just wanted us out. There was garbage everywhere… That’s around the time that rats and mice started to infest the building.'
The Flatbush building in which one man was killed and 15 more were injured during a severe fire on Wednesday was found to have been illegally subdivided.
A Lower East Side landlord is continuing to leave tenants and their families open to toxic lead dust exposure.
Bad landlords are as prolific a city scourge as bed bugs, and now, legislation passed by the City Council today aims to take another step forward in the long slog in fighting them.
The tenants of one rent-controlled Brownsville apartment burst their way back into their homes on Tuesday after their landlord allegedly attempted to lock them out.
Can we burn fat doing nothing or what?
Can Twitter tame the parsimonious proclivities of East Village landlord Jackobson Properties?
The New York State Office of Court Administration [OCA] sells the names of every tenant sued in housing court for eviction, handing over the names to private companies that create lists of potentially bad tenants.
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