Bad ideas

"Grab 'em By The Fro-Yo" isn't even a good joke.
If you love "table-side mixology" and promoting gender stereotypes, drink on!
There's no way in hell you could convince us to strap into an Oculus Rift 9/11 simulator that "makes you embody an office worker in the North Tower of the World Trade Center."
Two enterprising New Jersey men were arrested after allegedly attempting to cover up a drunken car crash by making it appear to be a faultless accident caused by black ice.
"Alright, so what do we do, do I try to throw it in your box?"
The chain refuses to allow a little Yuletide bloodshed to dampen the holiday spirit.
Dressing up your baby as a concentration camp victim is truly disturbing. And not the spooky, fun kind of disturbing.
This is truly James Dolan's "Hurricane."
The NY Times remains the greatest newspaper in America, but that doesn't change the fact they have a weakness for self-parodying trend-baiting, masochistic Millennial obsessing, and the perverse lifestyles of the rich.
Jerry Seinfeld, while on a possible break from reality and/or a really nice Purple Kush high, decided to write and sing lyrics to the theme song of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee."
Who needs friends, anyway?
Lit Lounge and McKibbin Lofts are finally merging into one awesome hydra, and it will And pastries? What in hell is going on around here?
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