Bad idea

They put Swedish fish in wine, which is wrong.
She allegedly told the woman that she know people who can 'put a bomb on you.'
The visitor from Russia did manage to take some photos—but didn't post them on social media... yet.
When you're famous, nothing feels better than using your celebrity to get back at a small business.
One person was in serious condition.
Apparently she didn't tell her parents she had dropped out, so she hatched The Perfect Plan.
A man who jumped into the subway tracks to fetch his cell phone as a train approached not only survived, he was so nonplussed by the event that he left before emergency responders even arrived.
Earlier, the dad had insisted that other parents were overreacting.
Students had to watch Nazi propaganda.
The mother of one of the "victims" said, "They kept talking about, ‘Let’s do it like the movie ‘Old School!’ It was really very innocent."
The NYPD is looking into the possibility it "may have been a hoax staged among friends to celebrate one of their birthdays."
Really great idea, ladies!
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