A study proved that food collects bacteria "instantaneously" upon falling to the ground.
The cooling tower at Convent of the Sacred Heart has already been disinfected.
Yesterday, dangerously high bacteria levels forced health officials to suspend swimming at 13 Long Island beaches.
PathoMap is a new project from Weill Cornell Medical College that seeks to map potentially pathogenic microbes and, ultimately, use that data to help respond to public health threats.
The two meats are the biggest culprits in hospital visits from foodborne illness while ham, sausage and other processed meats are relatively safe.
"They're resistant to nearly all antibiotics. They have high mortality rates, killing half of people with serious infections. And they can spread their resistance to other bacteria."
The mystery surrounding the source of the deadly E. coli bacteria in Europe deepens, as test results seem to clear bean sprouts from wrongdoing, leaving scientists flustered.
A deadly E. coli outbreak across Europe was originally linked to Spanish cucumbers, but now appears to be the result of tainted German beansprouts.
More fatalities are being reported today out of Europe, where E. coli from contaminated cucumbers is causing mass illness. Are we in danger?
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This summer, the shit hits the fan... IN 3D. Oh, how
It's the summer of the recall! First eggs and alfalfa sprouts,
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