It's one of four hotel rooftop restaurant/bars in these three blocks near the end of Wythe Avenue.
Petee's Pies now has a spacious location in Clinton Hill, complete with several new savory options.
Roman allegedly confessed to the murder to his mother: "He just started crying, 'Mommy, I did it! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!'" Sandra Roman said. "He had a guilty conscience."
"Just experienced a plane crash. Actually helped stabilize two of the three people and helped with the wounds and burns," tweeted Cevat Taginik.
CB1 in Williamsburg is cracking down on bars with backyards and rooftop spaces, requiring all new liquor license applicants to have a full kitchen, too.
When you submit plans to build a pool along with a three-story deck, you better believe your neighbors in a landmarked UWS neighborhood will pipe up.
In this file photo of The Diamond, a lonely man contemplates
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