He was being watched by a babysitter while his father sat in a New Jersey jail.
The boy apparently fell from a counter into an empty bathtub.
An Upper East Side babysitter was arrested after temporarily disappearing with her employer's baby and not being able to explain why.
"The woman was described as extremely heavy. She was extremely large-breasted...Because of the amount of flesh, it could have caused the baby to suffocate," said Detective Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky.
The one-month-old child of a Long Island TV news host, as well as the infant's babysitter, were both found dead last night.
A 20-year-old Connecticut babysitter has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy.
Photo by Jen Chung Are iPads the answer to keeping the
Cops have recently arrested a suspect in the January knife-point rape of
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