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This is his ninth child by a fifth woman.

He said, "Prisoners get to see their children, murderers get to see their children. What’s so horrible about being a Nazi?"

Baby Hitler's dad has been mired in this custody dispute for years!

Back in 2008, Baby Hitler's Nazi-fan dad said, "There's a new president and he says it's time for a change. Well, then it's time for a change. They need to accept a name."

The New Jersey couple who sparked a controversy after they named their kids after famous Nazi leaders say that NJ child welfare officials took custody of their newborn 17 hours after his birth.

Two years ago, Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two siblings were taken away from their NJ parents because of evidence of abuse. The parents are still fighting to get the kids back.

Heath Campbell and wife Deborah with son Adolf Hitler Campbell Back

The NJ father who gave his children Nazi-themed names gave an

Speaking out—in violation of court order—about the removal of her Nazi-named

Following up on news that little Adolf Hitler Campbell—of the birthday