B train

The reviews are in from this morning's B train commute, which critics are calling: 'crazy' and 'delightful,' and 'im trapped on the fucking b train im real life gonna CRY.'
This happened in January.
Did you wake up this morning thinking that because it's a holiday Thanksgiving week, everything would go a little more smoothly and quickly? WRONG.
The victim apparently asked him to delete the images, but he refused.
One commuter described it as "a mass evacuation with people screaming and stampeding and the police are rushing to the scene."
This happened on a B train in the Bronx.
This happened on a train in Brooklyn last week.
The man was not struck by a train, but service on both lines was suspended right as rush hour was beginning.
The incident happened on November 25th.
The swastika is the latest sighting of the hate symbol in New York City.
Shhh, just watch.
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