'Getting around the city can be challenging at times with the lack of accessible routes, but while most people would find it an inconvenience, he sees it as an adventure!'
Nice things still do happen on the subway.
The world is an unceasing nightmare of bad news everyday, so here's something nice: Police rescued a young German Shepherd swimming in Gravesend Bay this morning.
Two other kittens were also adopted.
Firefighters really like to propose to their girlfriends during Fire Academy.
At 84-years-old, Len Berk is also one of the oldest.
The couple made it official around 4 p.m. Friday, just as the N train crossed the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn.
"But he’s making a funny transition from understanding that he’s a human to understanding that he’s a walrus. During his first look at a walrus, he was like, 'What’s that?'"
Mo is the Man.
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