That moment has now been preserved for future generations in a beautiful piece of street art... in Melbourne, Australia.
She should have just gone for the hand-hug.
See no evil standing directly in front you, hear no evil standing directly in front of you, pretend no evil.
For the very last time, New York City's political reporters mocked Mayor Bloomberg in their annual Inner Circle Show. And this year, he had iPads AND a Brooklyn Nets jacket.
What better way to publicize off a bold new anti-sugar initiative than by celebrating the amazing edible delight that is the donut!
It must have been a (thankfully) slow crime week in the city: we're getting a kick out of imagining seasoned reporter Kerry Burke roaming Sheepshead Bay High muttering "anal sex."
What was Martin Luther King, Jr. really all about? Eggs benedict! Oh, wait—that's not right.
"I found them fucking ungrateful. I did them a favor, it wasn't the favor they wanted, so they threw a little fit. A bunch of them tried to get in...they probably hadn't showered in days."
Salman Rushdie has "sadistic, violating behavior" towards young women, says a woman profiled as a celebrity wanna-be.
Have you ever taken a close look at the statue in McGolrick Park in Greenpoint? Because there's something strange about it...
An Upper East Side man who suffers from priapism—which gives you painful erections for hours at a time—was arrested recently after allegedly trying to steal cash from his father to buy painkillers for his condition.
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