Avonte oquendo

"As the parent of an autistic child, one of the scariest thing you can do is intrust the safety of your child to the city of New York. We do this every day, and we hope for the best."
The suit reportedly seeks $25 million in damages.
The news paints a harrowing portrait of innocent, bureaucratic missteps and lack of communication, all of which resulted in the heartbreaking death of Vanessa Fontaine's 14-year-old son.
'The people of New York responded to our anguish with a tremendous amount of support and vigilance.'
The New York City medical examiner has announced that it is unable to determine what killed Avonte Oquendo.
A new video shows Avonte leaving a door at his school that had been open for 30 minutes.
Only a few days after the body of Avonte Oqueno was finally found, another child left his school unattended.
Hundreds of people gathered in the West Village for the funeral: "We in pain. We just need everybody’s help. We in pain right now. Stay with us and help us," said Avonte’s cousin.
The mother of Avonte Oquendo is suing the city after it refused to hand over records related to his disappearance.
Human remains found in Queens several days ago have been identified as Avonte Oquendo, the mute autistic boy who has been missing since last October.
The boy may have been frightened by a dog and fell into the East River.
Avonte, 14, has been missing since early October 2013.
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