Avant garde

The Anthology Film Archives, an East Village film institution that Mekas co-founded, confirmed the news.
Mission to Mongo is almost as good as Man Gets Hit By Football.
"Fire In My belly," an avant-garde film from the late David Wojnarowicz, includes a 10-second shot of ants crawling over a crucifix.
It's the avant-garde theater director's 70th birthday, and you're invited to the party.
Paula Cort If you're going through the hassle of living in
For thoughts on four other Under the Radar productions (Tim Crouch's site-specific
Drawing on his roots in the fecund 1970s East Village avant-garde film
We've reached the midpoint of this year's 44th annual New York Film
VITAL STATS I am a Piscean 30 year old indie film making,
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