This autumnal glow is always brief but brilliant, and it's safe to say it all peaked this weekend.
It's time for Autumn to float in on a crisp, pumpkin spice-scented breeze.
Get out there and soak up the colors.
Get those nice long walks in now, before the dark chill sets in for a few months and it's just you and a crumpled up BINGO card reminding you of marginally better times.
"With our hot and dry summer, it was looking like an average year at best for fall foliage, but the September forecast is looking great for anthocyanin production..."
These agritourism businesses "are considered low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment," the Governor's office stated.
The dance of the dying leaves is about to end, go soak up that beautiful fall foliage before it's gone.
Warmer weather returns for the weekend ahead of the next cold front.
Our leaves are still green this week, but parts of the Adirondacks are hitting their peak and colors are popping up just west of the Hudson Valley.
Fall weather is here again, for now.
Halloweekend is almost over, but we still haven't hit peak foliage.
Enjoy the foliage while it lasts!
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