"As the parent of an autistic child, one of the scariest thing you can do is intrust the safety of your child to the city of New York. We do this every day, and we hope for the best."
"He doesn't know how to ride the trains," his mother said. "If he's on the train I don't know what could be happening to him."
The news paints a harrowing portrait of innocent, bureaucratic missteps and lack of communication, all of which resulted in the heartbreaking death of Vanessa Fontaine's 14-year-old son.
The boy may have been frightened by a dog and fell into the East River.
The boy in the photograph went to a police station with his mother.
Avonte has been missing since October 4.
He has run away three times and was found on the subway tracks each time.
The boy cannot verbally communicate.
His family posted flyers, and some people remembered seeing Ross on the subway, but didn't realize he was missing until seeing media reports later.
Joseph Anderson reenacts his perp walk for CBS. One Bronx mom
The parents of a 6-year-old autistic boy enrolled at PS 168
Yesterday, a Bronx mother and her 12-year-old autistic son were found
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