Officially retired in 2003, Redbird Car #9075 is on the auction block at the low, low starting price of just $6,500.
The two SNL stars went in on a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry and the mayor is pretty excited about it.
The boat has been retired and auctioned off after decades of shuttling people across the harbor.
Gem Spa is auctioning off some of the most beloved objects from its store, from the egg cream fountain pumps to the iconic storefront signs.
It’s been 15 months since the sad and sudden death of Anthony Bourdain. Now you can own his fancy knives and artwork, and much more.
Over the years, the market for literary memorabilia has proven to be both fickle and downright weird.
This broke a record that a work by David Hockney set last fall.
Don't even try to pretend that you don't want a 'Dr. Spaceman's Masters of Abnormal Brain Studies' medical certificate.
We have some хорошие новости товарищи, because now you can always keep a piece of the show in your life by bidding on items from 'The Americans.'
The crude drawing of the Empire State Building scrawled by President Donald Trump is set to go up for a bid at a Los Angeles auction house next month.
Madonna stopped 22 of her personal items from landing on the auction block, for now...
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