Attorney general

The state attorney general’s office said a grand jury declined to file charges.
Attorney General Letitia James is filing a lawsuit against three New York City school bus companies accusing them of violating idling laws.
Millions of dollars are confiscated each year by the police, regardless of criminal conviction.
The Fordham Law professor and 4-time candidate for office in New York was flanked by her midwife and progressive leaders during a campaign launch in Brooklyn.
A statement from James's senior campaign advisor signaled an official announcement was imminent.
"Is the progress so slow that it’s going to evolve into a taffy pull in which it’s all just stretched out?"
The 165-page document — and accompanying appendices — offers a meticulous and unsparing account of the state’s chief executive using his power to sexually harass 11 women.
“It’s one of the more egregious abuses of power I’ve ever seen."
The documents also implicate the State Attorney General, who has broad powers as the special prosecutor in cases involving unarmed civilians killed by police.
The NRA is incorporated as a not-for-profit in New York, and is overseen by the AG's Charities Bureau, which has been investigating the pro-gun rights organization for months.
New York joins 18 other states and dozens of colleges and universities suing the administration over the new directive.
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